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Project Details
After Repair Value (ARV): $520,000
Purchase Price: $350,000
Rehab Costs: $100,000
Project Duration: 8 Months
Hard Money Lender Interest Rate: 10%
Closing Costs: 1%
Agent Fee: 6%
Your Lenders
Credit Growing
Committed Capital
Total Cost
Net Profit

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Funding 0% APR

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Repair tailored for funding eligibility
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Credit Build

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Optimize existing credit file
Build credit from zero
ITIN credit building availble

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Carolyn  Knight

I doubled my ROI on the first project after completing the funding services!

Shila Ferguson

I was finally able to get into real estate investing full-time, all thanks to Credit Growing! I built my credit from the ground up and am now at the 185k limit! This is a game-changer!

Alex Ortiz

I never thought of utilizing credit for my real estate investments, not to mention getting 143k in credit limit! This is HUGE!

Lori Stevens

ROI was an issue I never thought credit would fix.

Joan Wallace

Their strategic approach to credit optimization has opened new doors for my investments.

Adam Reed

I honestly thought I would never be able to repair my credit. I went from a lower 500 score to 720 in less than 60 days!!! Credit Growing, you guys are AMAZING

Louis Crawford

I'm impressed by the swift and personalized credit repair services that got me back on track.

Samuel Bishop

I built my credit from zero and now have a 13k limit, and this took less than 6 months! I am so thankful for all the personalized service and the information I have learned! Can't wait to start the Funding program! 

Frequently asked questions

Can Credit Growing assist if I have a low credit score?

Yes, we specialize in credit restoration and improvement and can help you fix and grow your credit to become eligible for loans.

Will using business credit cards affect my credit score?

NO. Business credit card usage is primarily reported to commercial credit bureaus, separate from your personal credit. This approach helps you utilize business credit without impacting your personal credit score or credit utilization ratio.

Is it possible to receive more than $150k in funding through Credit Growing?

While $150k is typically the maximum initial offering, we continuously work with clients to enhance their creditworthiness, potentially leading to increased funding limits as their credit and business grow.

What can I use the 0% APR $150k funds for in my real estate business?

The funds can be used for a variety of real estate-related expenses, including renovation costs, material purchases, staging, marketing, and other investment-associated expenses.

What if I have no credit history at all?

Credit Growing can help you start building credit from scratch, with programs designed to establish a solid credit foundation that can support future real estate investments.

How long will it take to fix my credit?

The duration of credit repair can vary and depends on the case complexity. Our Expedite Service aims for results within 30-60 days, while the Standard Service typically spans 90-180 days.

How quickly can I access my funds after approval?

Our streamlined process aims to get the capital into your hands as soon as possible. Once you receive your cards, you can start using them right away.

What is Credit Growing's refund policy?

We stand by our services with a strong commitment to client satisfaction. If our credit repair efforts do not yield any changes, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee. And for our funding solutions, you won't owe us a fee unless we successfully secure your funding — it's our 'No Success, No Fee' promise.

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